Instant Cooling Relief Sport Towel 2 Pack

  • It’s a magic towel. Just need to soak-wring out and snap,a few seconds the towel will keep cooling for several hours and reactivate the chilling by repeating the steps.
  • Can reduces body temperature up to 30 degree,This cooling towels are made of high-density cooling mesh fiber, which is super absorbent, breathable and hyper-evaporative. A physical cooling by the evaporation of water molecules.
  • Its design is to maximize evaporative cooling and comfort, provides UPF 50 sunscreen protection.It could be a great sports towel for running, cycling, workout, bowling, golf, yoga, gym, fitness, cold therapy for fever, heat stress or hot flashes; towel for quick cooling down when working out in the summer heat or in hot environment.
  • Can be used as head cover, sweatband, cooling bandana, neck wrap or scarf . Could be the perfect summer gift ideas for your family and friends and even for your pets

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